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Breastfeeding Friendly Workplaces

New Zealand has special provisions in law for breastfeeding employees in the workplace. Supporting employees to continue breastfeeding has many benefits for both the employee and the employer. 

This website provides information for employers and employees about managing breastfeeding and working, and guidelines for creating Breastfeeding and Baby Friendly Workplaces.

All it takes is some flexible work practices, good communication, a supportive culture and where possible, a little bit of space.

Registered BFW Employers

Registered Breastfeeding Friendly Workplaces (BFW) members have access to free downloadable tools, resources and regular e-updates to encourage and support breastfeeding and baby friendly workplaces.

Registration is free and all you need is a valid email address.

Member’s tools include:

  • Policy templates
  • A generic Liaison Person role description that can be adapted to suit any employer
  • Guidelines for creating a positive workplace culture
  • A guide to developing a complaints procedure
  • Ideas for setting up a feeding room
  • Policy and legislation updates

Breastfeeding and Working

Many women have successfully continued to breastfeed and work. It can take some planning ahead and negotiating, but a supportive employer can make all the difference. There is further information on breastfeeding and working in the Employees section of this website.

You can explore the Women's Stories section to read about different people's experiences of breastfeeding and working.