Terms and Conditions


Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace (BFW) Standard and Certification was developed by Women’s Health Action Trust (WHA) for employers to implement initiatives for breastfeeding employees that support and promote continued breastfeeding upon returning to paid work. WHA have invested in developing a certification that is achievable and affordable for organisations, to make a real difference for breastfeeding employees.

BFW Certification is awarded to organisations that have applied for and meet the BFW Standard and paid the appropriate fees. The period of certification is two years.

The BFW programme is managed and operated by WHA.

  1. Access: When the registration fee has been paid your organisation will gain access to the user only areas of the website where the Standard requirements, templates and tools are situated.
  2. Fees: A registration fee must be paid to access the Standard and tools. To achieve Certification organisations must submit their evidence (within 12 months of first registration and every two years after that) which will be sent to a third party auditor. At this time an audit fee will be due. Non-payment of fees will result in termination of login. Certification is for a two year period. Registration and audit fees will also be due upon re-certification.
  3. Audit: A third party desktop audit is used to verify BFW Certification. The information and evidence organisations upload through the website forms the basis for this audit. WHA or the auditor do not accept responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided, as this is the responsibility of the submiting organisation. To mitigate the risks associated with desktop auditing, WHA reserves the right to conduct an onsite audit with any organisation seeking certification. If your organisation is selected for an onsite audit there will be no further fee incurred.
  4. Certification and use of the logo: Once your organisation has met the criteria set in the BFW Sandard, as determined by a third party auditor, Certification is awarded along with access to the BFW logo. The right to use the logo is limited to the duration of the Certification period, which is two years from the first day of Certification. WHA reserves the right to cancel an organisation's Certification and require the removal of the BFW logo from any organisational material at the organisation's expense, if it is found that incorrect and misleading information has been submitted.
  5. Re-certification: To maintain your organisation's Certification to the BFW Standard you must upload evidence that your organisation still meets the criteria set out in the Standard, including criteria that specifically relates to re-certification. Re-certification is bi-annual. If your organisation does not opt for recertification, use of the BFW logo must cease at the end of the Certification period.
  6. Intellectual property: Through registration, Certification, and the use of the BFW logo, your organisation does not receive or acquire rights to any intellectual property relating to the BFW Standard.
  7. Legal compliance: BFW Certification is not an assurance of your organisation having satisfied its responsibilities under the relevant legislation. WHA or the auditor will not be held liable for an organisation failing to meet legal compliance.
  8. Acceptance of terms and conditions: By completing the BFW certification process and payment of the fees due, your organisation agrees to the terms and conditions set out above. You must be a duly authorised representative of the organisation to complete the registration process.