The Certification Process

Once registration is complete, access is granted to the members' only section of the website, where employers will find guidance and tips to assist in achieving the individual criteria for each of the assessment areas of the BFW Standard.


The BFW Standard

The Standard is comprised of four assessment areas:

Time:Employers must demonstrate a flexible approach to workplace arrangements for breastfeeding employees including the structure and timing of breaks
Facilities:Where facilities are provided for the purposes of breastfeeding, employers must ensure that these facilities are adequate for the purpose, easily accessible and provide privacy
Systems:Employers must have a well communicated breastfeeding policy and an identified Liaison Person to provide support to breastfeeding employees
Culture:Employers must promote a positive culture towards breastfeeding including the prevention of harassment and discrimination. 


An independent auditor will then review all the evidence and determine if the organisation has met the Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace standard. Once the standard has been met, certification is then awarded. Organisations can then use the Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace logo to promote their Certification.