BFW Certified Organisation: Vero Insurance

Vero Insurance supports the work of the Women’s Health Action group. Vero has actively sought to support their employee’s when they return to work following Parental Leave.  This includes ensuring suitable facilities are available when women who are still breastfeeding recommence their return to work.  Vero has been recognised as being a Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace and has successfully assisted many women to make the transition back from Parental leave to their return to work as smooth as possible.  This includes the availability of flexible hours, paid breaks to express or breastfeed their child, the availability of domestic leave and a bonus once they have been back @ work for six months.

Vero aims to be a world class Kiwi insurance Company that loves to help people to build and protect their dreams. Vero supports employees' health and wellbeing in as many ways as possible and being certified as a Breastfeeding Friendly workplace is another continual improvement initiative that was undertaken in early 2009.

Vero has approximately 950 staff; approximately 54% of these staff are female.







Provides additional remunerated breaks for breastfeeding employees.

Has a ‘Wellbeing Room’ in the Head Office, Auckland premises which can be booked ahead by breastfeeding employees.

Readily makes arrangements, if required, in other offices or Branches for breastfeeding employees returning to work.

Has a variety of flexible work options available and these may be considered when an employee is returning to work following Parental Leave.

Has a ‘Parental Leave and Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Pack’ that is given to pregnant employees before they go on leave with information on Vero policies, liaison contact person, breastfeeding information & a small gift that includes a ‘Vero bib’.

Has a Parental Leave bonus that is paid to employees when they have been back at work for six months following their Parental Leave.

Ensures any annual leave accrued prior to taking Parental Leave retains it's value for the parental leaver to utilise when they return to work

For further information contact Glenys Barker, H & S Manager, Vero Insurance NZ Ltd. e-mail: