Who We Are

The Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Certification is an initiative of Women’s Health Action (WHA), who are recognised leaders in assisting women continuing to breastfeed while in paid employment. The project was initially developed with the guidance of the Auckland Breastfeeding Network and is supported by the Ministry of Health. The Certification is based on international best practice and backed by evidence based research.

WHA have been promoting women’s health and wellbeing for over 20 years. With a dedicated position of Breastfeeding Advocate, WHA has been actively involved in World Breastfeeding Weeks, organiser of the Big Latch On, undertaken research into breastfeeding and employment and advised on the Code of Employment Practice on Infant Feeding (Department of Labour, 2009).

WHA have developed numerous resources including the ‘Employers Pack – Breastfeeding in the Workplace’, ‘Pregnant & Breastfeeding Employees Pack’, ‘How Supportive are you towards Breastfeeding Mothers’, ‘Code Watchers’, and breastfeeding posters.